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This Resources page collates papers, resources and links on a range of business improvement issues, concentrating on the transport sector.

Index of case study papers

Productivity improvement

  • Best Methods of Railway Restructuring and Privatization. Ron Kopicki, Louis S. Thompson, with Murray King et al. World Bank CFS Discussion Series 1995.

  • Rail Productivity Improvements in New Zealand. Productivity Upgradation Seminar. Address to UIC Meter Gauge Group, Stockholm, Sweden - May 1997.


  • Managing the Transition from Public to Private Ownership. Paper presented by Dr Francis Small to AsiaRail 96 Conference.

  • "NZ Rail Privatisation is a Success". International Railway Journal, March 1995.

  • "Privatisation Benefits Railway and Customers". International Railway Journal, August 1997.

  • Rail Reform: Paper prepared for 20th Australasian Transport Research Forum, 1996.


  • "Building a Model Railway". The Bulletin. February 20, 1996.

  • Australasian Rail Industry: Issues for the Future. Address to the Rail Finance and Investment Conference, August 2000.

  • "Railways in New Zealand", in Utility Regulation in Australia and New Zealand. Privatisation International, London 2000.

  • Lessons from the New Zealand Ministerial Inquiry into Rail Safety. Paper to Australian Rail Safety Conference, Sydney - February 2001.

  • Rail Transport Infrastructure in the 21st century. Speaker at the Chartered Institute of Transport, Auckland - June 2000 at Forum 2000 Transport & Distribution: Success in a Fast Changing World.

  • Conducting a Business Nationally under the Resource Management Act. Paper to the Resource Management Conference, Auckland - March 1995.

  • Integrated or Separate Infrastructure Management - Experiences. Paper to the IRC/UIC Congress, Marrakech - October 1997.

  • Ministerial Inquiry into Incis, November 2000.


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