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Startup strategy and business planning

Successive deregulations of major industry sectors made New Zealand a leader in deregulation and privatisation during the 1990s.

Investment by the world's leading corporates in these sectors ensured the development of competition for the established player.

Murray King and Francis Small were involved at board level in a number of these start-ups, mostly involving conglomerates of international corporates, local and international investors. Their involvement focused on helping set the strategy for the start-ups and included:

  • Establishing the new board, management structure and board / executive relationship.
  • Establishing the initial strategic plan and business plan for each company.
  • Working with shareholders, board and management to devise a new company vision and direction.
  • Introducing associated organisational structures and business systems for each company.
  • Recruiting suitable staff.

Murray King: "Of course the conglomerate partners brought their own interests and agendas to the boards of each start-up company. While these agendas had to be accommodated, the new companies also needed sufficient freedom to establish their own strategic visions in order to shape and pursue their own destinies."


  • Establishment of successful new companies.

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