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Regional strategy formation

Transportation is a key element in the national mix of utilities and infrastructure that enable regional economic development.

From a regional perspective, it's imperative that rail services are aligned to the region's present needs and plans for growth.

In New Zealand Tranz Rail passes through 10 Regional Councils and two Unitary Councils. For the company, it is important relationships with each of these councils are strong. Each of these councils has formed a Regional Land Transport Committee, and most have invited Tranz Rail to be a member. Francis Small has been Tranz Rail's representative on these committees.

Key issues considered over the last few years include:

  • Developing a Regional Land Transport Strategy.
  • From this, evolving a Regional Freight Strategy.
  • Reviewing the 10 year National Roading Plan.
  • Preparing "Alternatives to Roading" project submissions.

Francis Small and Murray King have considerable experience in both representing company interests within regional government, and contributing to the development of sound regional transport strategies. Their long-term relationships with councillors and officials have enabled Tranz Rail to positively influence the proceedings of these committees and councils.


  • A positive contribution to the development of regional transport strategies.


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