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Feasibility study, representation and implementation for regional economic development in Wellington

Wellington: smart, 'wired' city surrounded by a rural hinterland... Despite abundant potential in a number of growth sectors including IT&T, film, tourism and agri-business, this region nevertheless suffered from fragmented regional development efforts.

Francis Small was engaged to help the local authorities and communities to overcome parochialism and establish the means to identify and pursue a common vision for regional economic development. This involved:

  • Managing a feasibility study into the benefits of a regional development strategy.
  • Managing liaison with central and local government agencies, business and general community interests.
  • Chairing the Start Up Group and overseeing preparation of draft report.
  • Managing 'sell-in' and approval of report.
  • Managing liaison with local authorities for the establishment of the Regional Economic Development Agency (REDA).
  • Chairing REDA Establishment Group and preparing draft strategic plan, budgets and implementation timelines.
  • Preparation for establishment and launch of REDA.

Francis Small: "When a commonality of interest can be demonstrated clearly enough, even groups that compete in many areas can be brought together to work for their common good..."


  • Report to local authorities for implementation.


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