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Ministerial Inquiries: management and representation

The collapse of a multi-million dollar computer project for a high-profile government agency led to a Ministerial Inquiry with wide-ranging implications for how IT services would be purchased by government.

Francis Small was appointed to carry out the inquiry. This involved:

  • Managing the overall inquiry process and multi-disciplinary inquiry team.
  • Co-ordinating the investigation.
  • Determining the lessons to be learnt from the project and go-forward recommendations.
  • Making specific recommendations on the project's initial design, project and risk management and quality control, plus developing, implementing and managing future government IT projects.
  • Preparing a comprehensive report.

Francis Small: "The reasons why Incis failed were numerous, often complex and inter-related; and the Inquiry process sought an understanding as to how such failures could be avoided in the future."


  • Preparation of Ministerial report.
  • Specific recommendations made.
  • Government agencies briefed.

The principals of Murray King & Francis Small consultancy are also experienced in making representations to Inquiries.


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