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Influencing public policy

Utilities and transport operators are among the commercial enterprises most exposed to changes in government policy.

Rail is no exception. Since 2000, Murray King has helped New Zealand's major rail company, Tranz Rail, to ensure its views count in the development of public policy on the following key issues:

  • Heavier and longer trucks on the roads
  • Road pricing
  • Levelling the regulatory playing field between road and rail
  • Providing information for a major study into road and rail costs
  • Trucking issues
  • Occupational Safety and Health law changes
  • Land rating law changes
  • The Land Transport Management Bill
  • Retention of branch lines
  • Ferry wash in the Marlborough Sounds
  • Competitive issues with ports
  • Climate change.

To ensure Tranz Rail's views were communicated clearly, Murray King undertook a variety of proactive and reactive activities, including liaising with policymakers, and representing Tranz Rail before Parliamentary Select Committees.

Murray King: "Like many commercial enterprises, Tranz Rail is exposed to changes in government policy in a wide range of areas. To favourably influence the final form of policy, it is essential to have good networks, to be alert to proposals, to develop cogent submissions, and to present these persuasively where and when it counts".


  • Policy settings that are more favourable from Tranz Rail's perspective.


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