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Developing regional transport hubs

A recent evolution in land transport strategy in New Zealand has been the development of regional transport hubs. These multi-modal hubs, at strategic locations in the freight network, are major receivers and distributors of freight and provide important linkages to the main import and export ports. There is also potential for a scaled-down hub to serve rural communities.

Francis Small and Murray King have recently reviewed the role, location and operation of such hubs.

These studies have included:

  • Evaluating the demand for such services.
  • Determining the desirable location for such a hub and its relation to main ports.
  • Assessing inter-modal relationships.
  • Identifying the range of products that would use such a hub.
  • Describing how such a hub would operate and who would operate it.
  • Defining the role of local authorities in supporting the establishment of such hubs.

Francis Small: "We have found that there is an increasing demand for such hubs at key locations in the transport network around the country".


  • Development of the concept of 'hubbing' as part of New Zealand's overall transport network.


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